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About the artist


Aparna Sinha was born in Jaipur, India. Her family moved around various parts of India and Nigeria while she was growing up. Her work reflects her travels and experiences.

Aparna’s work is influenced by impressionism; the works of Monet, Manet, and Van Gogh, to name a few. She loves working with the playfulness of light and shadows. Archways are her current obsession, thanks to her visit back to her birthplace.


Her love for watercolors began at school and she had a great teacher who helped her realize her potential. She later took a liking to oil pastels and discovered their vibrant and rewarding nature on sandpaper.


In the past she has held an exhibition of her work at the Sophia Bhabha Hall, Mumbai. Her work was on display at the local Nepalese restaurant in Sonoma, California. She was creative director for her College festival in Mumbai, and was responsible for designing the festival logo and overall theme.


A portion of her art sales goes to helping local children’s charities in India.

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